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How To Choose The Flattering Length For Skinny Jeans According To Your Height

Finding the perfect jeans is never an easy task. Most manufacturers create their jeans designs for standardized figures and then adjust them to different sizes and heights proportionally. The results are, judging from our joint experience, less than perfect. The reason is that while sharing a size with lots of women, we all have different leg length and height. These proportions significantly affect the way the jeans look on us, especially if the initial design wasn’t created thoughtfully. So let’s forget about the “Lucky Jeans” movie where one pair fits all. It’s time to find you a perfect design according to your height. Smaller Girls Smaller girls tend to need a shorter inseam length for their jeans, as well as consider the height of their hips and knees which can distort the skinnies’ original design. Avoid: Baggy jeans. They will visually make your bottom look heavy and unfit. The key is to keep your silhouette balanced and not add unnecessary volume to hips. Baggy jeans will also make your waistline visually lower, torso longer and your legs shorter.Boxy-cut jeans. Boxy skinnies are similar to baggy jeans, because sharp, loosely fitting cuts will add more weight to your thighs and hips. Petite girls are lucky to create tender and cute looks, but boxy designs will make their silhouette square-like and angular.Too long jeans. Sometimes it may hurt to turn down a perfect pair because it is too long but jeans that don’t sit right will make you look ridiculous. It’s not only about the length of hem, but also the placement of the knee and hips.Jeans where inseams length is shorter than 21 inches. It will make your legs looks shorter and heavier. Choose: Long flares. They create an optical illusion, so your legs look long and lean. Together with high heels it’s your easy recipe for an elegant and memorable look.Slim and straight fits. If you are a petite lady, flatter yourself with skinny jeans or straight leg jeans. It will accentuate your natural body balance and create a proportioned look.Ankle length styles. Smaller girls shouldn’t wear capris because they will shrink their legs’ length. However, ankle length skinnies will be your best friend. Fold them however you like and wear them with your favorite ankle booties. Taller Girls Being on the other side of the spectrum, tall girls usually experience the opposite problems. Follow our advice to flatter your [...]

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How To Wear Different Skinny Jeans Wash Types. Style Ideas

Ever since skinny jeans stopped to be associated with workers and farmers, they quickly became a hit in the fashion world. Thanks to their versatility, they can be a foundation for literally any casual outfit. Most of us have a few pairs available in numerous wash types, from usual blue jeans to white, colorful or even patterned skinnies. In this article you will learn all the key wash types for jeans and, most importantly how and when to wear them. The dress code may be complicated and subjective, but we are here to help you avoid obvious fashion mistakes. 1. Raw Denim Judging form its name, raw denim is denim that hasn’t been washed or dyed at all, leaving the cloth in its original state. Such jeans are usually not really soft but are enduring and warm. We love darker jeans because they can contribute to a sophisticated and tasteful look. Add a bit of color to such monochromatic and dark foundation to liven up the outfit and set the accents. In general, raw denim is great for anything from blouses which will play with juxtaposition of different fabrics to soft and cozy knitwear. 2. Medium Wash Denim Medium wash denim is the classic blue jeans. It’s the shade that can be worn with anything. For summer looks wear a light breathing top, for example made of organza or silk. If it’s fall, wear cozy beige sweaters or knit cardigans. Despite popularity, medium washed jeans shouldn’t be worn as formal or smart casual looks, but in other cases they are your best friend. 3. Light Wash Denim Light wash jeans in light shade of blue is a perfect choice for summer looks. They can make any look seem more casual and down-dressed, especially when you want to wear a statement top but don’t want to be too extra. You can wear light wash jeans with white or pastel tops if you want a cute beachy look, or combine it with fall wardrobe in beige and light gray. 4. Acid Wash Denim With the technological development, denim manufacturers started to experiment with dyeing methods, and it created our favorite washed-out, yet colorful unique look. Acid wash denim is available in all colors you can imagine, from pink to neon green. Combine acid wash with classic medium wash denim or with any complimenting colors or your choice. 5. Black or Dark Gray [...]

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9 Tops To Wear With Skinny Jeans

We are used to think that skinny jeans are a casual option to run everyday errands, and you need a dress or at least a skirt to look dressed up. It’s so far way from truth that it hurts. While denim is generally not considered to be appropriate for formal events, it’s still a wonderful base for really dressed up and festive looks if you choose the right top to wear it with. Here’s a quick list of different top combinations that you can wear with your favorite skinny jeans. Try to choose white and black skinnies more often to look even more polished and tasteful. 1. Organza long sleeved blouse Whenever you feel like you have no ideas to create cute new look, always go with sheer organza blouses. They will be your effortless statement look because the transparent fabric looks mysterious and alluring. To keep it tasteful, wear a tiny tank top to feel more confident in a see-through blouse. Experiment with straps, bows and statement sleeves to look even more romantic and airy. 2. Denim jacket You can never be wrong with a denim-on-denim look. The trend reappeared a few years ago and is still relevant. You can wear a regular denim jacket with a graphic tee or choose a creative denim jacket and wear it with tight belt on the waist for a sharper silhouette. 3. Silk or satin blouse and heels A shortcut to create a smart casual look is to choose an expensive looking fabric for your top. Silk or satin works every time even with the most casual designs. So choose a blouse or a tank top made of some noble material, wrap tops look especially good. Don’t forget to wear high heels to complete the look. 4. Statement sleeves It doesn’t hint at any specific type of garment, because statement sleeves can make a focus piece out of any clothes. Some honorable mentions are trench coats, soft and cozy knitwear and blouses. Embrace the cuteness with romantic and tender creative sleeves to create a special outfit for a date or a night out. 5. Classy trench coat An obvious mention because everyone recommends trench coats and there is no example of it looking bad. We, however, encourage you to go out of the traditional beige trench coat and experiment with colors. Choose white, red or even bright purple, because it can become [...]

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Underwear To Wear Under Your Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a perfect foundation for a sexy look. They always look flattering on any body type if you choose them in right size and fit. However, there is one thing that can spoil the overall impression: a showing underwear. There are two opposites of bad underwear choices. Too tight underwear will create a four-butt situation, especially if it’s a granny panties and not at least Brazilian panties. On the other hand, even the smallest thongs can look horrible if you choose a high rise pair. So let’s out down the three pillars of a wise underwear choice. 1. Seamless. You can never go wrong with seamless underwear. Thongs or G-Strings are not recommended to be worn to often because it can cause infection or general irritation. But you can wear seamless panties in any fit and shape because it will remain invisible under any outfit. 2. Low rise. There is a common belief that high waisted panties should be the most comfortable, but it’s simply doesn’t make sense. The extra fabric rolls down and folds making the whole experience uncomfortable for you, especially under very tight skinnies. Choose low rise panties because it’s the size of underwear you need to keep panties hidden under clothes. 3. Comfort. Always think about your own preferences and, of course, prefer natural fabrics. Lace and nylon can look hot and daring, but wearing it on a daily basis can affect your skin state. Wear regularly panties made of cotton because they are the best option for the health of your skin. And now let’s think about realistic choices of underwear that you can wear under your favorite skinny jeans: 1. Cotton Thongs We love sexy thongs that can create a spark and set the mood for the evening, but don’t compromise your comfort. If you have to wear thongs, which can be not beneficial for your health, at least choose breathing fabrics like cotton. Cotton panties can also come in fun palettes and with cute patterns. 2. G-String Panties If you are trying to really impress someone special, G-string panties is the ultimate sign of it. This type of underwear can be extremely teasing and sexy, so why not choose beautiful lingerie and boost your confidence? G-string panties are exact the size you need to look good in skinny jeans. You won’t be able to see seams as well as see panties [...]

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The truth about skinny jeans: Health, weight and age myths debunked

Skinny jeans are a product that has secured its place in our hearts and wardrobes. Still, every now and then we see articles claiming that wearing skinny jeans may not be as easy as it may seem. If you believe all those statements, the number of people who can wear skinny jeans shrinks instantly. We believe that fashion has outgrown the stigmas of the past and today we want to debunk some of the most popular myths about skinny jeans and who and how should wear them. Skinny jeans are for skinny women The name of skinny jeans is one of the huge failures in image making. It is far too often associated with skinny people, and the stigma was born that regular and plus size women cannot wear and enjoy them. Of course, it’s not true and you could find your perfect plus size jeans in 4 easy steps. Skinny jeans are called so only because of their snugly, spray-on fit. Other than that, they come in all sizes and designs. If you are a woman and have regular or curvy figure, just choose curvy skinny jeans. They are designed to have a little bit more space in the hips area, but they are still skinny on your legs. In curvy skinny jeans you can elongate your legs, create comfortable and stylish outfits and feel comfortable as usual. If you are a man, there is still no restrictions on wearing skinny jeans. Designers create men’s skinny jeans to suit male proportions and fashion trends. You may choose between standard skinny jeans and spray-on skinny jeans to create the look you want and choose the fit that flatters your body type. Skinny jeans are harmful to your health There are numerous articles claiming that skinny jeans are harmful for your blood circulation or movement. If that was actually so bad, everyone would probably wear sweatpants and hoodies all the time. A few experts debunked popular opinion that skinny jeans, as well as high heels and big bags, are so dangerous for us. In a BBC article, Steve Tolan, head of practice at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, claims that fearing our clothes is worse than the clothes themselves. Read more: Are skinny jeans really harmful? The only rule is to wear clothing of your size, choose the right garments for different occasions and quality-shop. In case of skinny jeans, it [...]

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Are you too old to wear skinny jeans? Real talk for men

Skinny jeans have become an ultimate go-to solution for everyday looks. The eye-catching skinnies went from being a super trend among rock stars and rebellious subcultures to a default jeans option for most men. However, since it is so associated with the fashion of youth and rebels, an obvious question would be: am I too old to buy skinny jeans? Well, even though everyone has an opinion on the subject, we’ve got our answer for you. WE strongly believe that there is no expiration date on skinny jeans looks. The only thing you need to understand how to style it with grace and taste and maybe some extra style ideas. Looks inspirations for all ages The main argument for men wearing skinny jeans at all ages are the incredible male models who make us believe age is only a number. So if you can model and be at magazine covers after 50 or 60, pulling off a pair of skinny jeans is just a tactics question. We’ve tried to find some similarities among all the good examples and understood some simple and, unfortunately, popular mistakes. Here are 3 rules of how adult men can look great in skinny jeans. Rule 1: Be honest with fit and proportion Skinny jeans come in two fits: standard and spray-on. The difference between is obvious. Standard skinnies are usually made of cotton, they are narrowing to the bottom of the leg, however, they leave enough space for comfort of movement. Spray-on jeans are more stretchy and have elastane in the denim. Thanks to the stretching, designers can make even smaller leg openings, so spray-on skinnies feel snugly and tapering. Read more: Top 10 Male Models Who’ll Redefine Your Concept Of Older Men You need to understand that skinny jeans make your silhouette accentuated and emphasize your proportions, not always in a good way. So if your torso and legs are not balanced in weight or length, skinny jeans may accentuate the contrast and create a silly look. So if you have much smaller or slimmer legs, avoid spray-on skinnies. If you have plus size proportions, too tight skinnies can accentuate your hips and give a feminine silhouette. The key rule here is too look in the mirror and understand what silhouette you aim for is and where you lack volume. Rule 2: Choose the right wash The shade of denim wash makes difference. Blue [...]

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How to wear black and blue skinny jeans. Ideas for guys and girls

Skinny jeans might be the most default option for all of us but it’s still hard to decide how to style each shade of wash. We’ve gathered some simple tricks to make your classic skinny jeans fresh and exciting. Styling black skinny jeans Black jeans are one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces. Leave aside the stereotype that black jeans are made for winter or dark time of the day. They can look good however you style them. Classic look with a blazer. You can make black skinnies a perfect base for a classy outfit. Just put a button-up or a blazer with a T-shirt. Black skinnies, if they come without special embellishments, don’t draw a lot of attention. They elongate your leg and keep the focus on your top.Balanced outfit with a statement top. Choose a bright T-shirt, blouse, shirt or a sweater with an eye-catching print. Black skinny jeans would accentuate the vivid colors of your top and keep the attention where you’ve meant it to stay.Black-on-black look. The outfit we will never got tired of. The extremely classy monochromic look would look great on all figures and is also easy to recreate. Choose casual of formal boots that will continue the silhouette of your leg. Wear a blazer or a daring leather or suede jacket on top to have one piece that falls out of the color scheme.Bright accessories. Combine black trousers, neutral top and some bright accessories. You can go for a statement sneakers or a neon bag or backpack.Eye-catching winter look. Black skinny jeans will be a perfect foundation for winter look. Just choose some neutral or natural color boots and a statement outerwear. It can be a faux fur leather puffer or a bright faux fur coat. If you don’t have such outerwear, you can recreate the general impression with bright scarves and beanies.For women you can make black skinny jeans your ultimate friend for party looks. Just refresh it with a pair of high heels and a sheer or glittery top. If you don’t feel like it, high heels themselves with a dressed-up makeup can do the work. Read more: 10 gorgeous black jeans outfit ideas you need to try Styling blue skinny jeans Blue jeans are not as versatile as black skinnies in terms of color schemes, but it’s much easier to find those in our wardrobes. Here are some simple outfits [...]

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How to wear men’s skinny jeans: Style ideas

There were days when skinny jeans were cutting-edge and trendy. It was long time ago, but instead of falling out of fashion skinny jeans just remained as a never ending classic. However, don’t let it fool you. The fact that skinnies are considered a default setting for most of us does not mean that we should give up on styling skinny jeans outfits. There are so many ideas for each season out there how a man can style his skinny jeans. But first let’s decide what are your perfect skinny jeans Proportions and fit Skinny jeans for men come in two core types, standard and spray-on skinnies. Standard skinny jeans mean that your pants are tailored to be tapering. They are narrowing to the bottom of the leg openings. They are usually made fully out of cotton. Spray-on skinny jeans mean that the denim has some stretching material in it which make jeans even more snugly and tapering. The leg openings are usually even smaller. If in terms of comfort you are okay with both types, consider your body proportions. For example, if a guy has bigger torso with relatively slimmer legs, spray-on jeans would emphasize the imbalance and make upper part even heavier. More relaxed cut could help with the silhouette. Similar problem is with extra slim guys. Spray-on jeans could make them appear even more lanky and awkward, so standard jeans are preferred. Plus size guys shouldn’t also choose extra slim skinnies because in some cases it makes your silhouette more feminine. So think of your desired silhouette and choose jeans that balance your figure. Style ideas Once you’ve decided what fit of jeans suits you most, it’s time to create outfits fashion-wise. Most men still live in the days when clothing was purely functional. Now we think of male fashion as a means of self-expression, so your outfit says about you more than you’d expect. We’ve combined a list of tips and mistakes wearing skinny jeans and send a message. Skinny jeans and a blazer Skinny jeans are not really considered formal or semi-formal, but a blazer can elevate the overall style of your outfit. You can get really slick if you choose a noble fabric or pattern for the blazer. Pair your blazer with some nice lace up boots or brogues and the perfect smart casual look is ready. Shirts with skinny jeans A button-up is [...]

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What shoes will look great with men’s skinny jeans

Skinny jeans have been a common piece for fashion since the 1950s and James Dean’s signature blue jeans look. Still, male fashion is still making its way into men’s minds. Many men are making the big step from dressing functionally to dressing in style. Read more about history of skinny jeans. If it’s relatively easy to find a perfect T-shirt or a sweater for your look, the choice of shoes might be tricky. We want to make you feel confident when you choose your shoes so here are some ideas for a fresh new look for each season. Skinny jeans with sneakers This combination is something we won’t get tired of. Don’t full yourself that skinny jeans can look like a formal wear, just enjoy the casual looks. Try wearing statement sneakers with a wash that would focus attention on the shoes. Try wearing blue jeans in warmer times and leave darker denim washes for more reserved looks. Jeans and casual boots Casual boots are not as sporty as traditional sneakers and runners, however, they maintain the same priority, your comfort. Casual lace boots of dark brown and black color schemes will be a reliable outfit choice. If your jeans don’t have a lot of studs and zippers, and the boots are minimalistic, consider wearing a statement T-shirt or a sweater. It will help balance the silhouette. Classic leather shoes and brogues Laced leather shoes and brogue shoes are not the easiest look to pull off. It is important that you wear them with dark or black jeans, because light jeans will look a little bit ridiculous. Read more: The Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Styling Skinny Jeans Classic shoes will give you the Harry Styles glam if you wear the full smart casual outfit. Consider a button-up and a wool coat on top. It would also be easier to combine black-on-black pieces. If you opt for a hipster look, roll up the bottom of your skinny jeans a little bit and choose eye-catching stylish socks. Balance this choice with neutral and monochromic upper part. Boat shoes and skinny jeans Boat shoes are a great option for casual summer looks. Skinny jeans with boat shoes will make you appear like a millionaire on a vacation. Don’t wear no socks if it’s warm enough for that and roll up your jeans a little. Choose a loose T-shirt or a shirt with [...]

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How to wear skinny jeans for guys: Tips and popular mistakes

For centuries there was a stigma that fashion and design is something aimed at women. The men’s clothing sections were mostly functional and pragmatic: suit for office, casual attire for leisure. Recently we’ve seen the tendency among men to become more fashion aware. In the past decade we’ve been sculpting the modern understanding of male fashion. Skinny jeans are one of the trends that men are welcoming in their lives. Skinny jeans for men can accentuate their figure, develop their fashion sense and are plainly comfortable. Today we will go through some main points of how to find your perfect pair, how to create fresh outfits and what are the popular mistakes among guys. Know your fit Whenever you go to a store, you’ll probably notice that skinny jeans come in two main fits, standard and spray-on/super skinny. The first type of jeans sits casually on your legs and hips, however, they are a little bit more tapering then your straight leg jeans. There is enough room for your legs so they should be quite comfortable. Still, it is not unusual for brands to experiment with cuts and openings for legs, some standard fits may fill differently. Read more: How To Dress For Your Body Type If you see a spray-on jeans, or super skinny jeans, be aware that they will have the “hugging” feeling. It is compensated by the amount of elastane, the stretchy material, in denim. Spray-on jeans have tight leg opening and are often snugly. Proportions When you are ready to try on skinny jeans, think of the proportions of your body. If you have a balanced-shapes body, you are free to experiment with what you like. However, if you have larger torso and shoulders with relatively small legs, skinny jeans could emphasize the contrast. If you have very long and slim legs, spray-on jeans would also make you look lanky. If you have wide hips, spray-on jeans may make your figure appear feminine. So think of the desired proportions and silhouette to choose the right fit.  It is a highly subjective topic but there are some similarities among men, so consider them before rushing into buying the first fitting skinnies. Shades of wash We are used to jeans in all shapes and sizes, but they are not stylistically the same. Light blue washed out jeans are very casual. They will look better with sneakers or casual [...]

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Find your perfect plus size jeans: 4 easy steps

There is no more casual look than skinny jeans. They have come in and out of fashion in the past but now they are the base of almost all outfits (and you probably have like 5 pairs in your wardrobe). Even though it’s hard to mess up something so trivial, finding a perfect pair of plus size jeans might still be a challenge. We can help the brands to make more thoughtful designs, but we can help you be prepared for a shopping session and find your pants from the first try. Measure yourself in advance To be the queen of style you need to keep up with your measurements. Despite the trend for loose-cut clothes we still admire nicely tailored garments. So whenever you wear skinny jeans or other types of slim-fit pants you need to make sure they are the right size. For jeans shopping there are two crucial measurements: Your waist. Take the measurements bellow the ribcage to make sure that your jeans won’t be too tight to sit in. Skinny jeans that are too tight will hurt your health and mood, so hold the measuring tape the way you want your pants to sit: not too close and not to loose.Your inner leg. Measure your leg where the inner seam should be. A tip: you can measure the jeans that you like to find a similar pair. For regular length jeans the measurements more than 32 inches would mean you need tall jeans, 30 to 32 inches would mean regular height, less than 30 inches are petite. Your outer leg measurements will depend in the rise and length of the skinny jeans, so they can vary for different designs. You may measure the jeans that you like if you want to go with the proven option. Check 16 tricks how to wear skinny jeans with different shoes. Rise, Fit, Length The jeans store may make a simple shopping spree a maze. To guide you through it, you have to know the basic types of jeans. Rise means how high the jeans will sit on your hips. Low-rise jeans will be way below your belly button, firmly on your hips, they can elongate your torso. High-rise jeans will lay on your waist, they are great for elongating your legs. Mid-rise jeans will be somewhere in the middle, between the hips and waist. Read more: Plus-Size Jeans for [...]

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16 Tricks how to wear skinny jeans with different shoes

We’ve always loved skinny jeans for being the most versatile piece of our wardrobes and gave ideas wearing it for each season. But sometimes it’s too easy to give in to wearing one pair with your most comfortable shoes and save the heels for better days. Since fashion is the best field for experiments here are some advice how you can refresh your skinny jeans looks using some obvious tricks. Skinny jeans and sneakers Sneakers are the perfect match for skinny jeans outfits since they are so comfy and functional. However, there is some space left for creative experiments. Try wearing light blue and faded skinny jeans to show off statement sneakers. This way you will focus the outfit’s attention on the cool sneakers.Try monochromatic look wearing all black or all white. A bright faux fur coat will do the trick.Skinny jeans, sneakers and a blazer are the ultimate recipe of a smart casual look. Use it for the days when you need to balance comfort and glam. On colder days wear a coat over the blazer for a street fashion look.Don’t be afraid to add details. Look for sneakers with faux fur elements, studs or glitter, as well as go for ripped or washed out skinny jeans designs. Skinny jeans and booties Booties are a perfect starting point for a cute autumn or spring look. They also don’t look too casual or underdressed so they can take you from a day at work to a fancy wine night. There are some tricks to find a perfect choice of booties and skinny jeans to look elegant. The monochromatic rule applies here too. Try black-on-black outfits to elongate your legs and look tasteful. It will also be a perfect base for a statement coat. Try on animal prints or bright coats.Accessories were made for fun. Choose dark colors for skinny jeans and boots to let your bright bag or a scarf take all the attention.The white boots are in. You don’t have to go for a matching skinny jeans color. Just let the boots stand out. Other bright colors will go, too, so if you have some dangerous orange or hot pink boots, their time has come. Bonus: Ankle boots No other boots look as good and natural with skinny jeans as ankle boots. Here are some tricks to find matching designs. If you want to show your ankles (which can [...]

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Calendar of skinny jeans: Ideas for each season

Skinny jeans come back into fashion every once in a while and have become the default clothing for our daily wardrobe. Since it’s so easy to mix your favorite pants with your favorite T-shirt or hoodie we end up wearing the same outfits over and over again (have to admit, we are guilty of it, too!). Don’t underestimate your favorite skinnies and leave them for casual looks. Previously we wrote about the history of skinny jeans and today we’ve prepared a few ideas how to look like a fashion icon in skinny jeans from winter to summer and wrote down all the pieces to mix with them. Spring looks Spring is all about getting rid of winter clothing and starting from a fresh page. Here are some ideas how to wear skinny jeans in a new way this spring. More color! The first thing we think of when the spring comes is our colorful summertime wardrobe. By spring break you’ve probably got tired of your heavy coats and loose sweaters and are ready to bloom. Put away you dark and black jeans and finally rock your blue and white pairs. They will go perfectly well with all eye-catchy and bright pieces from your wardrobe. In 2020 choose deep royal blue, passionate scarlet, aqua green, orangey-yellow saffron and of course white. Those colors dominated the runways this season so hurry up to stay in the fashion avant-garde. Skinny jeans and blazers While you are not very sure about the weather, don’t skip to your summer wardrobe and give some spotlight to your blazers. A blazer that sits good on your figure and will look expensive and sophisticated. With skinny jeans you still won’t look too extra and overdressed, however, will definitely stand out in the crowd. Choose classic colors to show you taste. Skinny jeans with button-downs Jeans with T-shirts look too casual, but in a fine blouse or a shirt you will look like someone who takes care of their outfits in the morning. A button-down effortlessly add some Parisian chic to your looks even though there is not much effort in choosing a shirt over your preferred top. Turtleneck and a jacket There is something elegant about turtlenecks, so let’s use the trick. Choose a bright turtleneck to accentuate your eye color or give some rosy glow to your face. Avoid using dark colors in spring because they will [...]

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Skinny jeans became a default garment for our everyday looks, but their history is longer than you’d expect. Today we will dig into the history of skinny jeans fashion and learn about the modern must-know skinny jeans designs. The evolution of skinny jeans A modern understanding of a term ‘skinny jeans’ means a pair of pants tailored to have slim legs and small leg openings. The jeans became popular alongside the punk culture of the 1980s, however, the design idea stems from the times of the French Revolution. Despite the popular belief, the design of skinny jeans was not created by Levi Strauss. The ancestors of skinnies were the 17th century pantaloons, a type of slim-fit pants with a high waist. They were popularized by the French court and later introduced to the rest of the Europe. To fit perfectly, pantaloons had to be tailored. That’s why they were the luxury accessible only to the rich and were synonymous with luxury. During the industrial revolution of the 18th century, tailoring was heavily replaced by mass production. It affected the fashion in favor of loose-cut pants that were comfortable for heavy factory work, and skinny jeans temporarily grew out of fashion. Introducing skinny jeans At this exact time in the US, the German immigrant Loeb Strauss introduces his jeans empire. In 1853 he moved his business from New York to San Francisco. There, one day a customer asked him for extremely enduring pair of denim pants, and Loeb, or, as we know him, Levi Strauss, used copper rivets to secure the seams. This decision was the foundation for his future empire. Read more: Vogue encyclopaedia: The history of denim jeans Levi’s jeans grew popular during the world wars. Soldiers loved his denim products because the strong material was enduring, and soon the civilians started to wear them, too. Those jeans were mainly loose cut and perfect from the military and cowboys. In the 1950s the skinny jeans reappeared again. You could see the best Hollywood actors like Marilyn Monroe or James Dean or rock legends, like Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones wear the ‘drainpipes’ on and off screen. The polished the image of skinny jeans from the cowboy-ish hard-working style and made them look glam and desired. This lasted about a decade until the hippie fashion introduced bell bottom pants, and the skinnies went out of fashion once again. The [...]

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